In chronological order, some of the projects I did, started from my freshman year. The source code of many older projects has been lost due to a laptop damage :(

N queens (2019) Link to heading

Solving N queens problem (Just find one possible solution, not all situations) with the C programming language – with high speed by using Heuristics Algorithm.

This is my first project since college. So I was very impressed with it.

iWriter (2019) Link to heading

Yet Another Markdown to HTML compiler.

GPA-Compare (2019) Link to heading

A small piece of cryptography. Implemented Yao’s millionaire algorithm.

C Compiler (2020) Link to heading

A C programming language compiler that uses Flex and Bison and the frontend and LLVM as the backend.

LC 3 Assembler & Simulator (2021) Link to heading

An assembler and virtual machine for the LC3 computer implemented using C++.

Verilog CPU (2021) Link to heading

A single-cycle CPU and a pipelined CPU implemented using Verilog,which ran successfully on an FPGA.

Bank Website (2022) Link to heading

Full-stack development of a banking system website using MySQL+Vue+Flask.

kCore (2022) Link to heading

A Linux-like operating system kernel implemented in the Rust language, capable of managing processes, memory and file system. It can support common Linux system calls such as fork and sbk. I did it with two other teammates, and I acted as team leader. This project won the third prize in the China National College Student Operating System Kernel Implementation Competition.

Last updated: Feb 14 2024